Our department General Medicines and Internal Medicine focusses on aims to provide the highest standards of Medical excellence in comprehensive preventive, diagnostic and curative medical services for internal diseases and disorders like high blood pressure, allergies and other vector borne diseases. The team comprises of doctors, well-known in their field and experience and who are supported by a well-equipped inter-disciplinary staff. The team is always equipped to manage medical emergencies.

  • Myocardial Infarction commonly known as a heart attack

  • Emergency management of stroke

  • Organ failure

  • Infectious diseases: Diagnosis, treatment and preventive care against all infectious and vector borne diseases.

  • Metabolic syndromes

  • Haematological problems

  • Rheumatology Diagnosis and non-surgical treatment rheumatic illnesses, including autoimmune diseases and especially the many forms of arthritis and joint disease.

  • Geriatrics: Specialty that manages the concerns with the health and well-being of older adults and conditions specific to aging, geriatric assessment and rehabilitation, preventive medicine, long-term care settings etc.